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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 9:56 AM

We've really poured some time into our new site! I'm going to outline a few of the new features in our site right here in this post. First off here is an image you'll see throughout the site that shows some of the things we can do.

Boat Names

Colors, Colors, Colors

What is any design without the proper colors? We've enabled a huge selection of solid colors for you to pick from. If for some reason you just can't find the color you want, let us know because we can probably print it. Specialty colors are also important so we've gone crazy and added a batch of them such as carbon fiber, chrome, holographic lens, and more! These colors are not printed but real cut vinyl that must be overlaid by hand. We've also created user defined gradients. If you look on the right you'll see examples of this. You can tweak the colors and create unique gradients to your taste. The possible combinations of gradients are endless!

Outlines and Shadows

Everybody offers outlines and shadows, but we've tried to make it easier to do plus give you more freedom to change the look. Whenever you do outlines or shadows you have control over the exact thickness and the placement of the shadow. Along with that you have full control over the color just as the top layer. The real treat comes though when you use the advanced outlines features. Now, this is not for beginners. Advanced outlines uses a similar dialog box as the simple outlines, however, you can stack any number of outlines onto your graphic and create something really cool looking. Check out "Voyager" on the sample image. It has 3 outlines Black, a custom gradient (with 3 colors), and then black again. By doing this it appears to be metal!

Bevel Effect

We have to talk about bevel. If you don't know what it is look to the right at "Deja Vu". Bevel makes the decal appear as if it was raised up and is hands down one of the coolest effects you can use (and it's FREE). We're really glad we can offer this online because in our searches this feature is not common but looks great! Just a note, if you select Chrome or any other "specialty" vinyl we'll have to print a representation of it. This is because the bevel effect must be printed directly onto the vinyl and cannot be cut out.

Text Warp Effects

We have some really neat text effects that you can use. The most common would be arch up or down. You may want to use the others but it just depends on what you are doing on your boat. The arch features only work on one line of text. If you use more it will be ignored. The great this is no matter what effects you combine with it they will all arch properly

Sharp Corners

When dealing with lettering it is simply easier to deal with rounded corners. They just work better, but we're giving you the choice. Some fonts look a lot more cool when you combine sharp corners! We'll warn you though if you enable this you may see stray edges protrude. This is because of the angle of the miter join. Our advice if you get protruded edges just use rounded corners.

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