FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Information

It is our goal to ship all orders within 3-5 business days. Orders with doming ship in 7-10 business days. You will receive and email when your order ships out with tracking information.

YES, during checkout you can select your country. We ship worldwide. Please be sure to review our shipping policy.

COVID 19 Impacts- Due to worker shortages and various COVID19 impacts we cannot offer shipping to various countries at this time. If your country is not listed on our selection form it is currently not available for shipping.

Generally all of our vinyl lettering and graphics products are adhesive backed vinyl lettering. Our lettering is sold prespaced individually cut with application tape to apply as one graphic, once the tape is removed you have individually cut letters on your surface. All of our vinyl is rated for at least 5 years sustained outdoors by the manufacturer.

Please note: Achieving the manufacturer lifetime rating is conditional upon proper installation and can vary depending on conditions. Vinyl lettering can be designed with a background or spaced to be purchased as one solid graphic.

Due to the custom nature of our business we are no longer accepting phone orders. If you cannot design your item on our website you are welcome to email us specifications for what you are looking for. If it is something we can assist you with we will coordinate proofs and ordering via email.

NO. Unfortunately we have many customers that base their color choice by the online preview. The color you see will likely not match what we see because of the differences in computer monitors, phones and tablets. In most cases these devices cannot show the final color you will receive properly. The color will vary from device to device. Additionally it is not possible to visually represent all vinyl colors on a screen. This includes specialty films and colors with pigments screens cannot represent. If the color you are choosing is critical then you need to request a free sample. Please review our color policy for our entire policy on colors.

NO. There are a variety of reasons why your final product may not look identical to what you see online!

We make our best efforts to produce what you designed online, however, the final product can have minor differences. See the above FAQ regarding color, the color will in most cases vary from what is shown on your computer monitor. Positioning of graphics, minor differences in outline/shadow thickness, gradient transition, and more can vary slightly.

Domed Lettering - We have to prep the design you produced on our website to be able to be domed. In order to do so we round the edges and reduce the complexity of the internal holes. We also separate the letters using our own discretion to prevent touching.

How do I know what I will get? You need to request a proof on your order to see the final prepped design before we produce it. We will not provide a refund or replacement if you do not like the way we prepped your design without a proof.

The size shown is the overall size. If you measured from the very top to the bottom of your graphic including all hanging letters that is the overall size. We do not size by the individual letter height. Please review our size policy

Our site displays the overall size and requires you set your size during the ordering process. Please measure before ordering as we produce your lettering based on the same information you see on your shopping cart and receipt. We do not make adjustments to the size you ordered unless told to do so before production. Please review our size policy

We do not accept returns or issue refunds for custom designed products. Please review our official return/refund policy

We have learned shipping damage is just something that will happen occasionally. If your package was damaged please send us a photo of the box and damage, we will replace it.

Yes, the rush options we offer vary depending on what you are purchasing. In some cases we can ship your order out in 2 days or less in other cases your order is moved to the front of the production queue. See our rush service option during checkout for more information. If available our site will show you when your order will arrive when rush is enabled.

If you have any questions regarding scheduled delivery please contact us. Please do not assume your order will arrive by a particular date unless our site shows this information.

Our site will present either a delivery estimate or firm delivery date depending on if rush is available. You must choose a shipping method with a delivery guarantee if you have a firm delivery date. If our site is not presenting firm delivery information we also recommend contacting us to verify we can ship your item to meet your deadline.

We always recommend removing your lettering from the box and storing it flat. It is also not a bad idea to take a squeegee and press the application tape down onto the graphic to make sure the adhesive is sealed against the backing paper to prevent it from drying out. We recommend to install your lettering within 30 days of purchase.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match between orders. The 2020 pandemic has created many supply issues in the sign industry which has made it difficult for us to offer the exact same film month to month. We have been forced to substitute various colors as needed to continue to offer a wide range of colors.

If you are trying to match a previous order we always recommend reaching out to us and determine what sort of match we can provide. In the majority of cases the next order will be reasonably close, but we are happy to set expectations before you purchase.

Boat Lettering Information

YES, if you purchase through our boat registration section you will get two. You can verify this in the shopping cart under the quantity it will read 'two included'. If you purchase registration numbers included in a combo it will always include 2.

No! We occasionally get customers very confused by this. We will send you two identical boat names or registration numbers by default. That is the only correct way to produce your design. The only other option is to adjust the tilt (see below).

"But my lettering should be reversed for the opposite side!"  Since we read left to right it isn't possible to reverse your decal and still be readable.

Here is an illustration:

YES, some states specify exact requirements like 2" spacing between the first two letters and last two. All you need to do is be sure to enable the new feature on our designer to specify this. Look for Specify State Required Spacing on the text tab.

We routinely have customers design registration numbers that are not compliant with their state laws. Wording varies between states as far as the specific requirements. We have found that specific conservation officers may enforce the law differently. Please review your own state laws before ordering as we will not replace or refund non compliant boat registration numbers.

NO, by default any of our boat name tools you receive a quantity of one. This is because some people only need one. To order a second boat name simply scroll down to the 'buy individually' section during the add to cart step of designing. You can add a second boat name to your cart.

Rubber and low energy plastics like is found on kayaks, various waverunners, and inflatable boats are not suitable for our standard vinyl lettering product. These require a high tack adhesive vinyl in order to stay attached. Regular vinyl may last several years, however, we do not officially recommend using that it for that use.

High tack adhesive option is now available on our online designer under the adhesive tab. Please keep in mind high tack vinyl is designed for low energy plastic so it still may not work in some cases depending on the surface texture or chemistry. If you plan on using our product on an inflatable of any sort keep in mind it cannot be deflated without damaging the lettering. Our acceptable surface policy still applies.

Our matching style section allows you to design boat names or boat registration numbers in the closest font we offer to the manufacturer. Sometimes this is the exact same font the manufacturer uses, other times it may not be close. We've done our best to make it easy to create something that looks close to the manufacturer logo. In the end we will make what you design, so please keep that in mind.

Domed Lettering Information

We would suggest you visit our How it works page to learn how doming works and what it is.

Unfortunately we cannot just sell you one letter as it won't match what you currently have. Colors fade and matching the exact size is not easily done. From time to time we have customers design and order just one letter domed, we recommend you do not do this.

Due to trademark restrictions in most cases we cannot remake what you had on your boat. We always recommend contacting your boat dealer or manufacturer directly for assistance.

No, we have to prep the design you produced on our website to be able to be domed. In order to do so we round the edges and reduce the complexity of the internal holes. We also separate the letters using our own discretion to prevent touching.

As mentioned in our color policy white generally takes on the tint of the color next to it. White will also be a few shades off (off white).

How do I know what I will get? You need to request a proof on your order to see the final prepped design before we produce it. We will not provide a refund or replacement if you do not like the way we prepped your design without a proof.

We answer this question every day, please use our contact form. Include your artwork, pictures, sizes, and the quantity you need.